Tribology, testing and investigations

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The quick thermal sock test installation QTS 2 concieved and achieved by INCAS complete the Euroopean network infrastructure in fulfilling a niche in the materials evaluation.


The mains characteristics of QTS2 installation

  • Variable speed heating depending on the structure and chemical composition of specimen materials and constructive solution of the test installation
  • Maximum cooling rate 70 ° C / s
  • Precise positioning of the specimen in heating and cooling zone
  • Specimen dimensions : 1.5÷2.5 x 30 x 50 mm
  • Measurement temperature of specimen with quick response time radiation pyrometers
  • Vertical cylindrical furnace with Super Kanthal type resistances
  • Lab View data acquisition system
  • Ensure the reproduction of extreme functional conditions of industrial parts


 Cycle of quick thermal shock test for a TBC specimen (Nimonic 90 /MeCrAlY/ZrO2Y2O3 Al2O3)
tested at a temperature of 1100°C on QTS2-INCAS installation

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