New Materials

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INCAS Facility and Technology for Carbon Fiber achievement


Carbon Fiber monocable facility functional features:

  • Installed power: 25 kW
  • Cable displacement speed PAN: 9 m / h
  • Carbonization oven maximum temperature: depending on the type of fiber obtained according to the table below
  • Inert gas used: Argon 230 ppm or Nitrogen 5- 10 ppm
  • Heating rate in the precarbonization furnace: 20˚C/min
  • Cable heating rate in the carbonization furnace: 100˚C/min

CF type, temperature, carbon content, mechanical characteristic


Main parts of the facility:

  • thermalstabilization instalation
  • precarbonization furnace
  • carbonization furnace
Fiber Characteristics

PAN Courtaulds characteristics:

  • Number of filaments: 6000
  • Filament Fineness (dtex): 1.2
  • Crystalline Content: 55%

Carbon fiber characteristics:

  • σr= 3*104 daN/cm2
  • E= 2.4*106 daN/cm2

Total mass losses were 45%, distributed as follows:

  • thermal stabilization: 7-10%
  • precarbonisation: 38%
  • carbonisation: 5%
  • graphitisation: 1%
f1_pan f2_pan f3_pan
Specific Debyegramme for PAN
Debyegramme for properly
thermooxidised PAN
Carbon fiber cable section


Composite Materials

Multifunctional Coatings 

  • Multilayer ceramic micro and nano structured, resistant at temperatures, thermal shock, corrosive and erosive wear, fretting corrosion,etc. applied at turbo engines and modern co generative systems
  • Monolayer vitro ceramic coatings, related to functional conditions of turbo engines for "hot parts"protections
  • Mono and multilayer protections, from complex alloys, resistant at temperature, corrosive and erosive wear, liquid metal contact,related to vital components from metalllurgy – tuyeres,lance tips,etc.
  • Duplex antifriction layers for realization of sliding journal for rolling mills up to 2000 mm diameter