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The Administrative Board

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The Board of Administration is responsible for the management and control of INCAS, including the exclusive control of the administration and investments.

INCAS Administrative Board consists of 7 members who are appointed by the coordinator ANCSI - National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation according to OG57/2004. The Board composition is mandated by law and cannot be changed unless approved by ANCSI.

Administrative Board members are:

•Two INCAS members :
General Director of INCAS                      - President of the Administrative Board
President of INCAS Scientific Council     - Board member

•Three members appointed by national authorities :

Ministry of Education/ANCSI                  - Board member
Ministry of Finance                                 - Board member
Ministry of Labor                                     - Board member

•Two members appointed by ANCS, as specialists :

ANCSI specialist                                      - Board member
ANCSI specialist                                      - Board member

Current structure of the Administrative Board of INCAS (Digitaly signed by Oficiul National al Registrului si Comertului, Date: 2016.01.14  12:19:21 +02:00, Nr.: 19245/14.01.2016) is :

  • President of Administrative Board    - dr.ing. Catalin NAE, General Manager of INCAS
  • Vice-President of Admin. Board       - prof.dr.ing. Sorin Petre DIMITRIU,  President of Bucharest Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Admin. Board                   - prof.dr.ing. Adrian CURAJ, UPB
  • Member of Admin. Board                   - Mihaela GUDA,  ANCSI
  • Member of Admin. Board                   - Dragos Ionut BANESCU, Min. of Labor
  • Member of Admin. Board                   - Doina LICA,  Min. of Finance
  • Member of Admin. Board                   - dr.mat. Ioan URSU, President of INCAS Scientific Council

The Administrative Board meets regularly every month, usually in INCAS location, and traditionally on the last Thursday of the month.